access control door with keypad and fobAccess Control Solutions

Access Control Systems are designed to identify users and control entry and exit from protected areas. These systems are commonly found on doors and gates for network security to protect servers, firewalls and data, along with other pertinent business files like accounting and human resources. Security Cameras can be integrated into the access control system, providing real-time views of who is entering or leaving your secure areas protected by access control.

IP Based Network Management

access control door with keypad and fobThese information technology systems are IP based which means there is a host server running an application that controls all of the doors and ACUs (Access Control Units). These Access Control Applications have audit trails and logs to review historical access control events. Granular control of who can access what, when and where, all at your fingertips! When it comes to securing your IT resources, deploy something that works for you!

ACUs, or Access Control Units, can be powered multiple ways. Using a PDU (Power Distribution Unit, using PoE (Power over Ethernet), or with the wall plug-in. You can add a battery to the access control box for backup in case of power failure. Once the access list has been published to all connected ACU’s from the operator terminal, the ACUs will maintain the access list in memory in the event of a network failure that disrupts communication between the ACU and the Application server. Alarm sensors will notify the operator of tamper detection in the event someone attempts to bypass the ACU.

keys and access control fobThe door and gate readers can be keypad type, proximity card type or a combination of both keypad and proximity. Key fobs can also be used as a replacement to proximity cards.

​If you are interested in controlling access for your business, call us for a consultation and see what we can do for you. We use professional, licensed security installers, that are bonded and insured.

Access Control Systems are usually integrated with Security Cameras

security camera mounted outsideDigital Security has been  a growing industry for quite some time now. The demand for security related products has drastically increased forcing the industry to develop new and innovative solutions for every business size. Information technology demands for increased network security has led to cameras and access control. IT security is a fundamental aspect of building networks. Are you are a small retail shop that needs cameras to help with loss prevention, or a business that wants to integrate access controlling with security cameras, we can design the solution for you. We use only trusted, professional installers for our projects, that are licensed, bonded and insured.

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