Mobile-Office-historicThe Mobile Office has been around a while.

In the literary sense, any occupation that had resources on wheels that moved with the worker is a mobile office. Hotdog cart vendors, food trucks, the milk man and ice cream trucks are all examples of how mobile offices started out. Heck, even the paperboy had his.

Mobile-desk - vehicle with mobile office and computerWith technology innovations, mobile offices have evolved into a sophisticated communication  and data processing option for workers on the go. Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers, Engineers, Sales Forces, Police and Fire Units, Inspectors, Compliance Officers, Information Technology Techs, and Project Managers are just a few examples of the types of jobs and businesses that take can advantage of the mobile solution.  Secure, encrypted access to your resources while on the go!

Bentley’s Mobile Office

Your mobile office can be as simple as an iPad and cell phone using cloud services, or elaborate and mind blowing like Bentley’s new solution with executive workstations. Call us with your ideas!