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System Design-

System Design – The typical consumer class desktop/laptop at big box stores work just fine for people and their computer needs if all that is required is the ability to surf the internet, E-Mail, and basic productivity suites. They usually come pre-loaded with various trial software and offers.  Consumer class machines won’t be the fastest or prettiest machine out there, but for basic needs, they get the job done. Of course consumer class machines vary in speed and options, but they are typically built with lower end components allowing the cost to be significantly reduced.

Business class machines are a step up from the consumer class machines. They usually feature better or upgraded components with a little more horsepower , an upgraded processor, and an operating system (Pro Versions and up) capable of joining domain networks like Microsoft’s Active Directory. There are other operating systems like mac, unix based systems and different linux flavors (which can be free if you don’t mind learning how linux operates), but I’ll stick with the more widely used Windows since that is what most people are familiar with. I order all my business class machines from reputable vendors. I don’t buy business class machines at big box stores, nor do I know anyone who is responsible for IT purchasing that does. Big box stores have big box overhead, not too mention overpriced support fees. Just to throw one more pot shot at big box, I’ve spoken to quite a few of their techs, while a majority seemed to have a general understanding of what they’re doing, there were a few that made me wonder if they ate paint chips as a kid.

Sometimes you need a machine with a little more power than a typical off the shelf machine. Sometimes you feel a need, a need for speed. Maybe you’re the kind of person that wants to have the most extreme, liquid-cooled behemoth, that looks like it could launch a space shuttle. Or maybe you’re a heavy number cruncher, a CAD designer, an engineer, a gamer, a GIS developer, a home computer server, or a user of any number of other heavy resource intensive applications, that wants a user experience that screams fast and has excellent response time. If any of the above mentioned is you, then you want a custom built workstation.