Remote or On-Location removal of all viruses, rootkits, malware and spyware.

computer virus image with magnifying glassVirus Removal – Installation of the latest Anti-virus software, configured with scheduled scans.
Check for and fix any operating system, hard drive and registry errors.
‚ÄčInstall all operating system and driver updates to ensure peak operating condition.

Clean-Up Special РONLY  $95

kid with virus infected computerVirus and Malware issues can create potentially devastating consequences. Not only can you have your identity and financial information (credit cards, tax info, bank info, etc…), potentially hijacked, used without your consent or maybe sold on the black market, your critical data can become corrupted and unrecoverable. There is a laundry list of things that can go wrong when a machine is infected with a virus and/or malware. From what was mentioned above, to the annoyances like pop-ups and a sluggish, slow loading computer.

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