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Best price image - pricing - red star consultingWe get a lot of questions about my pricing. Some questions are from “those”  clients wondering why my prices are high (Most of my pricing is much cheaper than anyone else around), but most of the questions come from other Tech Support Firms asking why we were so low with my prices.

Well, here is the answer:

We don’t have the large brick and mortar overhead costs associated with running Tech Support Firms. We aren’t trying to build data-centers to sell clients managed services out of. We keep our business costs down by utilizing already existing small business models that are affordable, and meet the current needs of our business. If we can keep costs down, we like to pass on the savings to our clients, as opposed to charging the same amount as other support firms. The way we see it, we all started a small business to do something we love, and to make some money doing it. We’re not greedy, we want all of us to make money!

Below is an “a la carte” menu for some of our Break-Fix Services. Most services start at $65/hr.

Cloud Integration – Starting at ONLY – $65/hr

Firewall Configuration | Troubleshooting – Starting at ONLY – $65/hr

Computer Hardware Upgrade | Repair – Starting at ONLY – $65/hr

Multi-Function Printer Installs | Troubleshooting – Starting at ONLY – $65/hr

Router-Switch Installs | Config | Troubleshooting – Starting at ONLY $65/hr

Software Installs | Upgrades – Starting at ONLY $50/hr

Server Support – Starting at ONLY – $75/hr

Virus Removal – Full System Cleaning – Starting at – $95

WiFi Setup | Basic – Single AP – Starting at ONLY $75 


For any other services not listed here, contact us for details!

Some of our services just can’t be quoted on the internet. We do our my best to try and come up with approximate costs, but there are some variables you just can’t equate until seeing the job.


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